Welcome to OnTrackSupport.org

On Track Support is a Utah based non-profit organization offering clean/sober living and help find employment for men and women that are active in recovery.

Our organization strongly believes that recovery, education and community bring forth successful rehabilitation and integration into the mainstream public workplace for people battling with alcohol and substance abuse.

If you or a loved one has a problem with drugs or alcohol and just can’t seem to stay clean on your own then you should probably look into a structured sober living home. Research has shown that being in a structured sober living facility for 90 days or longer gives addicts and alcoholics the best chance at long term sobriety.

The research shows what we’ve known for a long time. Four weeks in a rehab is not enough time to change an addicts behavior. Someone who’s been using drugs or drinking for years is not going to change his or her addict behavior in 28 days. As soon as they get out of treatment and go back to their old lives, it’s the same story. All the triggers are still there and they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of why they do the things they do.

We also operate a sober companion program, for those who would like to consider assistance early on in their recovery as an alternative or addition to a rehabilitation program at a private or public institution. OnTrackSupport also offers intervention services.

Surrender to Win

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